Restaurant review: Mayiopoula, Nicosia

30 June 2022

Restaurant review: Mayiopoula, Nicosia

I’ve said it already and I will say it again. I love witnessing the evolution of Nicosia’s culinary scene. I can’t claim to know what the capital offered over the past decades, but I have lived in the city for the last five years and seen first hand how the food landscape is changing.

Along with new restaurants opening with impressive regularity, old and established ones are also elevating their menus, adapting to new trends and adopting fresh techniques while using superbly fresh and sophisticated ingredients.

It is the case of Mayiopoula, a true institution in Nicosia, which has been around long enough to be so labelled, managing to remain at the top of the capital’s scene mostly thanks to the creative minds running the kitchen. Mayiopoula is best suited to a special occasion as prices are on the high end of the restaurant spectrum.


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